Grease duct & air duct cleaning equipment
and HVAC maintenance and cleaning equipment
Your cleaning equipment for…

Air duct cleaning equipment & Indoor air quality

Maintenance and cleaning of HVAC systems

Cleaning equipment for kitchen grease and industrial exhaust air ducts

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OPEN DAY TEINNOVA in Rivergaro (Pc, ITALIA) 17/10/14
TEINNOVA is organizing an Open Day in Rivergaro (Piacenza, Italy) to present the up-to-date equipment on Oct 17th - 2014, from 09:30h. ...Read more...
VISIOAIR, nomineed as the most innovate product
The new prototipe of Spanish manufacturer TEINNOVA is named VISIOAIR, one sole equipment to verify, record and cleaning ac ducts. ...Read more...
TEINNOVA shows at INTERCLEAM Amsterdam (May 6-9, 2014)
A new chance to see the last news in duct cleaning technology (grease & HVAC) in a special booth with ducts. ...Read more...